USA: So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

Tomorrow we get on a plane and leave the USA. For the last few weeks we’ve alternated between frantically finalising our life here and reminiscing about our favourite and least-favourite experiences here. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling leaving a country that has been home for three years. We are excited about ‘going home’ to the culture we grew up in, to see family and friends and to eat all those foods we’ve been missing. But we are also sad to leave new friends and a country that has opened our eyes and broadened our horizons.

I don’t think the fact that we are leaving for good it has fully hit us yet. As with moving over here from Australia in 2007, I expect we’ll experience some level of reverse culture shock once we get home. There are a lot of differences between these cultures and I expect I’ve become rather accustomed to the US way of doing things. Returning to Australia will no doubt highlight those differences more than I can remember at the moment.

Anyway, we are returning to Australia via ‘the long way round’ (i.e. via Europe). I hope we don’t experience too many delays with the crazy snow storms or protests against Europe’s austerity programs. If we do, I guess we’ll have stories to tell. That is the joy of travelling.

I hope to update this blog with some of my travel tales along the way, but until then I’ll leave you with a photo of Zoe dog enjoying her morning walk before she left the US last week. She’s now residing in Australian quarantine until we get home.


  1. It’s a bittersweet thing, isn’t it. Good luck, have fun travelling, and might see you soon! You guys will have to come along to some PermaBlitzes!! Gorgeous puppy!

  2. Have a safe, enjoyable trip. It is difficult to start over even when it is something that you want. I am still having some culture shock 5 years later and I only moved 1200 miles. LOL
    I hope you are able to take what good that you experienced in the US and put it with your new life to make things even better. That’s the way it should be.

  3. So long, my cyber friend.

    Please don’t give up the blog even though I’m thinking life in Australia probably won’t be as irritating (usually prompting good critiques of the post consumer world).

    I’m glad somebody made it out of here.

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