Black Friday = America’s Running of the Bulls

On the day after Thanksgiving each year, Americans partake in a strange pastime where they line up for hours (or even days) in order to be one of the first to rush into a store and snap up all the supposed bargains on offer. I have a very hard time understanding the allure of this type of madness, but then I’m not much of a consumer. In America land, consumerism is a national sport and Black Friday is the equivalent of the Super Bowl. This is one aspect of the American culture that I will not miss at all.

The following video offers a glimpse of the frenzy. Someone likened the scene to what you would see in starving, third world nations when the food convoy arrives. I’d advise you to turn down the volume before you watch this clip. For some reason it’s pretty loud.


  1. Capitalism is a political (based on social power) system which creates dissatisfaction and makes people unhealthy, while converting natural resources into garbage, in exchange for money, which will be worthless when the natural resources are gone and the world goes up in flames.

    1. I think in my lifetime we’ll have to see a new economic system emerge. I’m extremely interested to see what it will be but I don’t think our path there will be easy.

  2. It reminded me of the Boxing Day Sales of old. We’d see it on the news where all these people would be rolling under the doors as they came up, trying to be the first to nab a bargain.

    Personally, I can think of better things to do with my time.

  3. Ahhhggg. I will put up with the hussle and bustle of our local street market each Thursday to get there early and get all my fruit and vegetables for the coming week but just the thought of fighting through the hoards to spend my money on stuff just because people think it is cheaper is something I consider absolutely nuts.

    Doesn’t anyone question the fact that at one stage the item – say a dress was sold for $89.99 and then two months later at the same store the leftovers are sold for $39.95 and then again down to $19.99 and the final price I have seen is $5 or $10.

    The thrill of putting something out there and just keeping an eye out and being patient leads to some wonderful purchases. I wanted a sewing machine – I have never sewed and thought it would be a handy skill to learn. I waited and then one rainy day I called into a flea market as everyone was packing up because of the weather and found a perfectly good modern machine for $25 and it does everything that I could possibly learn over the coming years. I love the that. That gets me excited.

    Thanks for the post,

    1. I love a bargain as much as the next person, but would not go shopping on Black Friday. It seems sordid….almost like a way to lure ‘consumers’ into buying more ‘stuff’ they don’t need. Having said that, we’ve found some great bargains on Craigslist. We also got a like new sewing machine for a fraction of the new price.

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