Mia in Grand Tetons National ParkI’m Australian, but for the last two years I’ve been living in the USA. To say it has been a life changing experience is an understatement. I’ve learnt so much and my view of the world we live in has been fundamentally changed.

This blog is about my journey. A journey from a life traditionally viewed as successful to a more authentic, rich life which is defined by my own values rather than the popular view. Along the way I’ll probably talk about things like the environment, energy, food, money, travel, work and maybe even the economy. Everything I’ve spent the last year cramming into my head will probably make it onto this blog.  I feel the need to share what I’m learning.

You can read more about how I got to where I am in my first post:

Why? Thoughts on becoming a good human.

Thanks for visiting


A Good Human


  1. hi,

    i am a third year property student at the university of western sydney. i am conducting a report on immigrants/population growth and its impact on housing in australia for my final year report. i came across your blog while searching for information. i enjoyed reading your blog post dated Oct 7th on the possibility of a housing bubble in Australia and i would like to incorporate your post into my property report – with your name being credited of course. i would be editing your thoughts into an interview-style format. looking at the contrast between the Australian and American property market, i think your thoughts would be a highly valued perspective from an australian-born american resident. please let me know if you give me permission to do so!

    thank you in advance,
    Miki Dang.

  2. I just came across your blog. As the saying goes, we living changing times. I am amazed and lifted with confidence about the future. I have become aware of the enormous collective energy there is. The growing numbers, the real people that care and feel for the earth. The community projects, groups, blogs. All bring together the same message. We have, unlimited potential and there is a way forward without destroying what the earth is about.

  3. I have visited your blog for sometime now… on and off…

    You seem like such a decent human being, that I can’t do anything other than wish you the very best. People like you and your readers carry a great deal of hope with you. Including mine.

    While I think in most of the views you have expressed I am in full or near full agreement with… you really do seem to imagine that all people argue openly and honestly … argue/discuss.

    I want to say so much more but seems that I cant.

    Anyway… good luck and I have enjoyed your blog and, agreed or disagree it have given me hope for the future. That is so very valuable to me and I hope to others.



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