I’m Busy Saving the World….

…well not exactly, but it sounded catchy.

I have been really busy this last couple of months researching and writing a proposal to send to the top levels of my organisation to convince them that we need to improve our energy security by decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. In the past I have been solely focussed on what I as individual could do in my personal life, but in the last few months the activist in me has awoken. I work in an energy intensive industry and I used to think I should just get out and start making a living in a more sustainable way. Recently though, it has occurred to me that I should use the opportunity to try to change the system from the inside. If nobody bothers to try, nothing will ever change.

While my proposal is far from finished it has been an interesting exercise to put together an argument that senior executives can understand and identify with. I have to somehow convince them that this is in their best interests, not just a warm and fuzzy thing to do.

I’m really not sure how it will be received when I’m finally done, but initial discussions I’ve had with the senior executive here in North America have been promising. I recently identified an energy symposium I’d like to attend later this month. Because it’s not part of my day job I had to seek approval and funding from the big boss. Surprisingly, he was very enthusiastic about my attendance because this is something he’s passionate about. Who knew? He’s also really keen to read my proposal when I’m done. If he supports this, it lends a great deal of weight to my message.

Anyway, just thought I’d explain why my blogging has been sporadic lately. It is likely to continue to be that way until I’m finished with this paper.

Photo by: Lance Cheung

The Story of Stuff

I’ve watched a lot of videos in the last 18 months, but one of the first films which really helped my see how many of our problems are intertwined was The Story of Stuff.

The Story of Stuff is a 20 minute, fast paced, fact filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. This short film exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at the stuff in your life forever.

I consider this a must watch.