Alaska…oh how I love thee…

Brendan and I are currently in Alaska visiting with friends. We’ve only been here for two days and I already feel like a new person. I start the day out drinking coffee overlooking the mountains and Eagle River where Bald Eagles have made a nest and swoop and soar on the air currents.

Both days we’ve been out hiking and the fresh, crisp is a welcome change. Yesterday’s hike took over three hours once we stopped at the river and ate some lunch which enjoying the view. This morning I went for a mountain bike ride while Brendan ran and we are soon off for another hike.

I just wanted to provide a quick update to let you know that I am now feeling much better after feeling horrible for the last month. I think visiting with good friends and some quality time in nature to thank for that.

Photo by: Douglas Brown


  1. That’s good to hear Mia. Good to know that it’s not getting you down too badly 🙂 Alaska sounds like a lot of fun.


  2. Great news Mia. Not wanting to get you down, but are there any visible signs of climate change that you have noticed in your travels around Alaska?

    Just interested and concerned.


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