It’s a new decade, and I’m ready to jump right into it

Yesterday afternoon I arrived back from two weeks vacation, and since my body clock has not yet adjusted I thought I’d use some quiet time at 4am to update this blog.

At almost the last minute, Brendan and I had decided to spend a couple of weeks in the UK and Ireland. In the last half of 2009 I had done so much travelling that I was almost exhausted, but I felt if we had stayed at home for the two weeks I had off I wouldn’t have got a break away from the grind. In Australia, the holidays coincide with Summer so there is usually a big sigh of relief as the year winds down. Yes, it has occurred to me that we shouldn’t live such lives where we approach the end of each year in such a state. I’m working on it and I’ll get to that in a minute.

Despite the atrocious weather in the UK and Ireland over the period, we both very much enjoyed the time away. London and Southern England were particular highlights and I’ll post some thoughts on that in a few days.

For now I want to quickly touch on the New Year and New Decade we find ourselves in. I feel refreshed and ready to get into 2010. I don’t have any resolutions as such, but there are a few things I’m going to focus more on this year:

  • I will simplify my life. I hope this means less travelling and rushing around for work. We only have one year left here in the United States and I want to savour it and get into some good habits before heading back to Australia later this year.
  • I will become more resilient and self-sufficient. There are so many ways in which I’m completely reliant on the complex systems of our society. We’ve already see what can happen when a very specialised but fragile financial system comes under stress. There are many other systems which we rely on that are equally specialised and fragile. I think that building individual resilience is important and I will be focusing heavily on that this year.
  • I will take care of myself. Let’s face it, two years of living in the USA have added more than a few pounds to my body. A healthy body is so important. After all, it’s the only one I’ve got. If I plan to see the next century I’m going to have to take better care of myself.

So there you have it…a very broad outline of my focus for 2010. I’ll get more specific over the coming weeks. For now it’s 5am, I’m hungry and we have no fresh food in the house after our time away. Thankfully Brendan can whip up some damper in no time. Ahhh….the beauty of food storage and a little bit of self sufficiency. Perhaps I had better go and learn how he does it. That might be a good start for the year.

Photo by: ViaMoi

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