Weekend Without Oil

If you prefer to walk or bike instead of using a car, enjoy being outside, use reusable bags, avoid plastic bottles, eat meat sparingly or not at all, research makeup and cosmetic products for safety, carry a refillable water bottle, and generally avoid buying crap you don’t need and using the stuff you do have as long as it is useful, then you are well on your way to successfully completing the Weekend Without Oil challenge.

Call to Action

On August 21st and 22nd, commit to these 11 actions!

  1. Walk or ride your bike: Avoid using cars and if you must, always try to carpool. Transportation accounts for 40 percent of our petroleum consumption and is easily one of the biggest areas we need to improve upon.
  2. Enjoy the outdoors: Avoid buying new sporting equipment, since oil makes up nearly 25% of rubber. Footballs or basketballs, for example, can last for many years and used equipment is often just as good and will reduce demand for oil needed to make new rubber.
  3. Use reusable bags: Avoid disposable plastic. Plastic bags are a huge waste for very little benefit. Nearly 10 percent of U.S. oil consumption, approximately 2 million barrels a day, is used to make plastic products alone.
  4. Be conscious about what you eat that weekend: You can reduce oil demand by changing your diet to eat less meat, more local foods that require less transportation and organic food, which doesn’t use petro-based fertilizers.
  5. Don’t buy new make-up that weekend: The majority of cosmetics are petroleum-based, including lip gloss, face powder, nail polish, and more. So avoid buying new make-up products this weekend and research the brands when you purchase in the future.
  6. Drink tap water: Avoid beverages bottled in disposable plastic, they make up nearly 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year, so get a reusable bottle and fill it up.
  7. Make your electronic gadgets last: Avoid buying new electronics. Electronics take a lot of oil to produce and the gadgets you already have can last much longer than the rate at which new ones are released.
  8. Go to the movies or stream them on Hulu: Avoid buying new DVDs/Blu-Rays, as oil is a key ingredient in their production, packaging and shipping.
  9. Skip buying new clothes that weekend: Swap clothes with friends or check out the local vintage store. The less new clothes you buy the less oil is used in the manufacturing process and transportation.
  10. Head to your local library or read online: Avoid using a printer and buying printed material including daily newspapers. Printing doesn’t just waste paper, nearly 100,000 gallons of ink each day is used on daily newspapers alone.
  11. Spread the word! Get 3 friends to sign the pledge and help raise awareness on ways they can help reduce their dependence on oil-related products.

Who’s in?

Photo by: identity chris is


  1. Hi Mia,

    I think I could manage that, the soft drink bottle might be a problem given that Saturday night is movie night, it’s our treat, every once in a while we get an action movie and watch it through our projector onto a big screen. Nibblies and soft drink are part of the deal, even more so this weekend because we’re trying to avoid the election coverage.

    Everything on that list is normal for me on the weekend which means one of two things. I’m a really good greeenie or I don’t have a life. I’ll go with option number two 🙂

  2. I’d *LIKE* to say yes, but this weekend ain’t gonna happen. Ive got to pick up my brother-in-law from the airport who is coming to stay with us for a while, and the airport is about 15 kms away.

    If I can do the pledge, with the provisos that I can drive for other people’s needs rather than my own (sorry, but my 3 year old daughter cycling or walking 3 kms to kindy is NOT an option), when count me in.

    As for the other stuff:

    1. Walk or ride my bike: for me and my needs by myself, no problem.
    2 & 3: No problem.
    4. Vego family. No problem – most of our food is local these days as well, and we often know the families it comes from 🙂 The benefit of living in a farming community!
    5. Rarely buy, I usually make my own. Which reminds me, I need to post that easy liquid soap recipe I use 🙂
    6. Tap water – always 🙂 Except for the rain water, of course!
    7=>. No problem!

    I’ll try to remember to let you know how I go!

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