A tribute to The Automatic Earth

The Automatic Earth is very different to most financial sites, because, quite frankly, most financial sites are about exploiting the misery of others for personal gain.

We are trying to help ordinary people rescue what they’ve worked hard for all their lives from the grip of the system, so that ordinary people get to keep some of it. Why should it all just disappear into a giant black hole of credit destruction? Why should the bankers get it all? ~ Stoneleigh @ Automatic Earth


  1. Wow. That’s depressing video to go with some good information. “If you have the right people, you can move mountains.”
    One of the paradigms we are dealing with is that capitalism has replaced the value of people to each other with the value of the pieces of green paper in their pockets.
    A city block full of unemployed people would not be unemployed in a jungle: they would be a strong sized tribe or many tribes with their own local systems and economy of food and work.
    How to convince the block that jobs don’t come from ‘on high’ (either government or praying for them) is the predicament. How do we convince them to tear down half the buildings and grow food, or to march on the city to allow community gardens when they are hungry NOW?
    Collectivism and cooperation….a tough sell when there is no money to make the decisions for them, and isn’t that what really happens these days….the money not only talks, but thinks and acts for us?

  2. Oh, I’ve been meaning to come back & watch this… then I saw the link for Automatic Earth on Peak Oil Hausfrau and it reminded… now I’ve finished this completely irrelevant comment, I will go watch it!

  3. “Buy yourself a learning curve” – great advice. The Automatic Earth seems to be a beautiful site both in content and presentation. Keep it up!

  4. The Automatic Earth is truly remarkable. A breath of fresh air at a time we need it most. Build your self a life boat, work with the best found group. A team that can bring things together, that way will ride any storm that will inevitably unfold.

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