Australia’s first female Prime Minister

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Thank goodness for live steaming TV on the internet. I’ve been glued to the Australian news all afternoon, waiting to see if Australia was going to get it’s first female Prime Minister. Sure enough, we did. Julia Gillard was sworn into office sometime after noon local time and is now attending her first question time in Parliament.

They don’t lie when they say things move fast in politics. I first got wind on Facebook this morning that something was up with the leadership of Australia. In less than twelve hours we have history in the making. A female Monarch, female Governor General and female Prime Minister. I certainly wasn’t expecting that in my lifetime.

After the excitement of today’s politics it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks and months. It seems that Kevin Rudd lost the leadership because the Australian people weren’t happy with the way he handled his promises to tackle climate change and the mining ‘super tax’. Will Julia be able to turn it around in time for the next election due within six months?

Aussie politics just got interesting. I suppose I better enroll to vote.


  1. I was glued to the streaming video from ABC last night for Rudd’s announcement, but had to skip it today for the Rudd farewell/Gillard incoming speeches, since I’m at work. It’s certainly been a fascinating 24 hours!

    Definitely register to vote as soon as you can – they’ve changed the rules now so that there’s only a 48 hour window for registering after an election is called, instead of the previous two weeks.

  2. Interesting times, absolutely!

    Let’s hope she does a better job than her predecessor.

    Which gets me thinking – I wonder how much those “Kevin07” t-shirts are selling for right now?

  3. It certainly did just get interesting.. Won’t be too surprised if we see another leadership spill in the Libs as well. Accounts I heard suggested TA didn’t cope real well with a change of players on the other side of the bench.

    Kind Regards

  4. And a female Premier if you’re living in QLD or NSW!!

    Very interesting “process”, and yes the speed it happened was incredible.

    General feeling is that there could be an election called for mid to late August.


  5. Hi Mia… yes, interesting times alright. I thought the best part of her vision was that she was against a big Australia. Will she manage to achieve sustainable population? Before food shortages hits us where it hurts? Time will tell….

    The block next door is still here waiting for you…. 😉


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