I’m Busy Saving the World….

…well not exactly, but it sounded catchy.

I have been really busy this last couple of months researching and writing a proposal to send to the top levels of my organisation to convince them that we need to improve our energy security by decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. In the past I have been solely focussed on what I as individual could do in my personal life, but in the last few months the activist in me has awoken. I work in an energy intensive industry and I used to think I should just get out and start making a living in a more sustainable way. Recently though, it has occurred to me that I should use the opportunity to try to change the system from the inside. If nobody bothers to try, nothing will ever change.

While my proposal is far from finished it has been an interesting exercise to put together an argument that senior executives can understand and identify with. I have to somehow convince them that this is in their best interests, not just a warm and fuzzy thing to do.

I’m really not sure how it will be received when I’m finally done, but initial discussions I’ve had with the senior executive here in North America have been promising. I recently identified an energy symposium I’d like to attend later this month. Because it’s not part of my day job I had to seek approval and funding from the big boss. Surprisingly, he was very enthusiastic about my attendance because this is something he’s passionate about. Who knew? He’s also really keen to read my proposal when I’m done. If he supports this, it lends a great deal of weight to my message.

Anyway, just thought I’d explain why my blogging has been sporadic lately. It is likely to continue to be that way until I’m finished with this paper.

Photo by: Lance Cheung


  1. You go girl!! Wow, I am glad there is someone out there like you who gives a damn… and follows through with action too. I have considered writing to the head of the hospital I work for, with suggestions for solar panels on the roof (in the least) but after the reaction I got from colleagues (in relation to my direct managers request for suggestions to cut down on the budget and be more eco-friendly, and what my suggestions were), I guess I got put off. Like you say, you never know how the person in power feels until you approach them…

  2. Sounds like a fun project Mia. It’s also a good opportunity to increase your own knowledge base that will be useful outside of work.

    Energy independence has been on my mind for the last week. I have been researching biogas and options for electricity generation.

    While reading last night I came across this:

    It is a great example of what can be achieved with renewable materials to make methane (for vehicles and electricity) and low grade heat (for washing water and heating). Enough from 56 hectares of land (harvested in 7 hectare lots every 8 years) to provide all of the needs for at least two people

    The area that we live in has a very big wine industry, so there are huge quantities of vine prunings that get burned each year (slowly with a lot of smoke that chokes us out when the wind blows the wrong way). There is also a big problem with weed species on farms and public land. So sources of material of biogas production here are abundant.

    This sort of research does however show up the single biggest issue (one that John Michael Greer has pointed out more than once) that renewables are no-where near as energy dense as fossil fuels. So, if everyone wanted to do what I am hoping to do, the land would be stripped bare in no time.

    Ultimately, if we want to be sustainable, then we have to reduce our population.

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