Independence Days – Easter Weekend

Photo by: Aussiegall

It’s Easter weekend and I’ve been watching as all my Australian Facebook friends change their status updates to reflect the trips they are making over the four-day weekend. No such luck here in the U.S. Only the standard two-day weekend here, although being between cultures as I am, I have a three-day weekend.

It’s been a really good week; very productive. After my week away in D.C. I managed to get a lot of work done in the office and have spent the last few days working on an assignment I have to complete for some post-grad study. Yes, you heard it right. I’m spending the long weekend writing an essay. The funny thing is, I’m actually enjoying it. I’m using the opportunity to write an essay on how Peak Oil will affect the organisation I’m working for. No point wasting a perfectly good essay on some other mundane topic when I could actually be informing the organisation about something I consider to be big news.

Yesterday we had a picnic in the park to help celebrate our friends’ daughter’s first birthday and then Brendan and I went to a beginner beekeeping class at City Farmer’s Nursery. Bees are fascinating to me and one day when we have our land, I hope to have our own hives. Without bees, half our food wouldn’t get pollinated which I don’t think many people realise. They just see them as pests that sting. As with all things, it’s an education process.

I also finished a really interesting book last night called The Year of the Flood. It completely captivated me and I had it read in a couple of days. I would say it’s the ‘1984’ of our times.

Margaret Atwood’s latest book The Year of the Flood is another of her dystopian offerings. It’s many years in the future (Atwood never gives an exact date), and humans have finally managed to destroy much in the natural world. Many animal species are extinct, pollution is rampant, weather is out of control, and society is buckling down to live out the days the best they can. Into all this comes the “waterless flood”, a disaster that has wiped out nearly all the humans in the world. At least two have survived: Toby, the manager of a high-end spa who has barricaded herself inside; and Ren, a dancer/prostitute who was in the “sticky zone” (a type of sick bay) when the disaster hit.

Today is a gloomy day out, so I intend to keep working on this essay while I remain motivated.

Grow some food

  • Plenty of snow peas and leafy greens this week. I haven’t had much time to get into the garden, but I really must make the time to start our summer crop seedlings.

Plan to own some productive land

  • This week we learned how to keep bees. Although this is a long-term goal, keeping bees on our property will be part of having a healthy ecosystem on our land.

One comment

  1. It’s nice to be able to work Peak Oil into the things that would otherwise be just work. I have taken to listening to P.O. related podcasts while I do basic coding work of late. Helps the hours fly by.

    Thanks for the recommendation of Year Of The Flood. My partner Sam reads Margaret Atwood, so she is planning to track down a copy.

    We have been drying the last of our tomatoes this weekend. We had a couple of dozen left on the last plant that just ripened up and were ready to pick, so they went in the dehydrator.

    Well done on the bee keeping course! I am planning to build a hive in the next year or so and get a swarm installed. I love bees and love what they do – pollinating, making honey, making wax – and just being fascinating to watch and have around.

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