Independence Days – Spring Cleaning is in Full Swing

Spring has sprung and for some reason I feel like cleaning. If you know me well, you know I never like cleaning. But something is in the air and I’ve been de-cluttering and tidying up various nooks and crannies around the house. Perhaps it has something to do with being stuck inside for weeks when I was sick but whatever it is, I’m embracing it while it’s here. Who knows how long this will last.

I’ve been a little quiet around the blogosphere this week, so my apologies for not coming by and catching up on your blogs. No excuse, just haven’t felt like being on the internet. We also had a visitor from Australia who we’ve been catching up with. I’ll be even quieter next week because I’m heading to Washington DC for the week with work.

Anyway, on to a very short roundup of my activities this week.


Getting Off the Economic Grid

  • Would you believe that Brendan has had another business proposition this week? On top of his personal training and bicycle repair businesses, it looks like he is now doing some consulting work for a renewable energy start-up. We don’t have all the details yet, but it looks like Brendan will be designing systems and managing projects for off-grid wind and solar systems. This is exciting news. I hope I can share more in the months to come.

Grow some food

  • Plenty of weeding after all the rain we’ve been having
  • Sowed seeds: Tomato, Basil. WooHoo! Warm season crops are starting!
  • Eating: Collards, Snow Peas, Spinach.

Photo by: johnnyalive

One comment

  1. Hi Mia, sounds like things are going well. Brendan’s new work opportunity sounds great. Take what you can get without being compromised.

    We have some tomatoes and basil still growing here and the last fruit is just starting to ripen. Hopefully they will be ready to harvest before the frost comes along – just as yours are getting under way.

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