Finding Freedom in Simple Living

I came across this interesting Peak Moment interview with an early 30-something couple. I found their story to be really interesting because their lives parallel ours in many ways. While the host of this show gets on my nerves somewhat this video is worth watching for some inspiration on how others are choosing to find their freedom in living simply.

A Young Couple Find Freedom in Simple Living

Rather than follow the customary American dream, Tammy and Logan sold their home and car, and moved to a bikeable/walkable neighborhood in Sacramento, California. After reading Derrick Jensen’s writings, this couple used Your Money or Your Life as a means to get out of debt and, they feel, regain their lives and their future. While they recount the psychological challenges of facing a future of declining resources, the catalyst that continues to move them forward is a dream of living in an affordable tiny house within a supportive community.


  1. Thanks for sharing this video clip, i found it quite interesting. I see what you mean about the host getting on your nerves 🙂


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