Where in the World? Sequoia National Park, California, USA

We were watching a documentary the other night which featured giant Sequoia trees, so I was prompted to go and find my photos of a visit we made in late 2008. These beautiful giants are the world’s largest trees in terms of total volume. The oldest known Giant Sequoia is 3,500 years old! This tree was alive well before the peak of the Roman Empire. Isn’t it incredible to think how much human history has passed in the lifetime of one tree!

While in this National Park I saw my first coyote. They are much smaller than I was imagining, about the size of a slim labrador retriever. I guess my only reference was the old coyote and road runner cartoons I watched as a kid. This one was wary of us, but did not seem to be overly concerned about our presence.

Mum also enjoyed visiting the giant trees, and took the opportunity to be a tree-hugger.

Check out more photos from my travels


  1. Just unbelievable trees. We used to have huge cedars in our area of NSW once, but _all_ of the really big trees have been cut down. Nice to see that some of the giant sequoia have survived (and are loved).

  2. They truly are magnificent trees. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to sit quietly among ancient nature, and I’m so glad that pockets of these giants are protected from exploitation. Unfortunately, if climate change continues to heat up their habitat and cause less rainfall, their long-term future is not assured.

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