Independence Days: Superbowl Sunday

On Friday I had people from the office ask me if I’d be in on Monday. “Yes, Why?” was my reply. “Oh, because Superbowl is on Sunday!”

What a strange idea….to have Monday off because of a football game the day before. I can think of plenty of other good reasons to have Monday off, but this is obviously one of those American customs I haven’t quite worked out yet. Or maybe it’s just a guy thing. Who knows. Anyway, I’ll be in the office tomorrow and I probably won’t watch the game today. Or maybe I’ll just watch the half-time commercials, because apparently they are the highlight…. or so I’ve been told. Does anyone else find it strange that the Super Bowl ads are such a big deal?

While on the topic, I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio) earlier today and there was a ‘financial expert’ talking about how the outcome of Super Bowl will determine the direction of the stock market this year.

Nobody can explain it, but there does seem to be some mysterious connection.  “When a team that has its roots in the National Football League or the National Conference wins the Super Bowl — the roots are what count, not the league it’s in right now — the market tends to go up the year the game is played,” says Robert Stovall, managing director of Wood Asset Management.

But if a team with it’s roots in the American Football Conference wins, the market will go down.

If the old theory holds true, then this should be a banner year on Wall Street.  Both teams in Sunday’s game have their roots in the National Football League.  “Going back in time, the performance record of the ‘Super Bowl predictor’ as I call it, is 79% accurate, which is better than any gaggle of gurus, or pride of PHD, or faculty of economists that I’ve ever heard of.”

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Woo Hoo! The economy is saved!

Ok, enough silliness. Onto my weekly update. Independence Days updates are based on the principles I outlined in my plan for Self Sufficiency and Independence.


  • I’ve just started on the second month of my exercise program and am feeling great. This month I start lifting much heavier weights and my muscles are already telling me about it. One day soon I’ll try to do a review of the program I’m using.
  • This morning we went for a hike for the first time this year. Today we hiked a trail called Oak Canyon and with all the rain lately we were following quite a good sized stream all the way up. Usually this canyon is dry, so it was great to hike near some water for a change. Zoe dog loves water so she was enjoying all the creek crossings we had to make. I may have fallen in once, but thankfully my boots seem to be water resistant.
  • I have it in mind to hike some of the Appalachian trail later this year, so if we decide to do that I’ll have to start working up to it by doing longer and longer hikes. Today’s was 2hrs and classified as moderate, so I expect we’ll start building upon that over the next couple of months.
  • Yesterday I found these lovely old brass candle holders at the thrift store. We have a few candles around the house in case the lights go out, but none that we could carry around like we can with these.

Reducing Debt / Getting off the economic grid

  • As I mentioned last week, I paid off the last of my debt. Woo Hoo! From now on, this part of my independence days update will cover any other financial goals I have which will help us get out of the rat race (or get off the economic grid).
  • Brendan and I have started investing in some useful items i.e. we’ve been shopping. Brendan has been wanting certain hand tools for a while so we thought now was as good a time as any. He purchased good quality items which will hopefully last us a lifetime. I hate to say it, but ‘Stuff’ is cheap in the USA. We don’t consume for the sake of it, but it makes good sense for us to stock up on things that we’ll need in the future while 1. We can get them cheap in the USA 2. the Aussie Dollar is good 3. Before we go back to Australia at the end of the year.
  • Brendan has also been expanding his collection of bike maintenance tools and is starting to service bicycles. He has two in the garage to service this week. He’s very mechanically minded and loves to work on bikes, so I think this is the perfect venture for him. This year is all about learning new skills, especially if they are useful for barter sometime down the track.
  • Speaking of shopping, I found some great leather boots at the thrift store yesterday. There were at least five good quality pairs of leather boots, but only one pair fit me. Then, as I was looking through Etsy last night, it occurred to me that I should list them. I live in a well-off neighbourhood, so our thrift store has really great stuff. I should share the love and open my own Etsy shop for any really good quality items I discover. Beauty that Moves had this great post on Etsy Tips recently, and that got me to thinking. Hmmm…more to ponder on this I think.

Stockpiling Food

  • Still haven’t managed to find the motivation to do our bulk shopping yet. I’m hopping that Brendan will go one day this week while I’m at work. I really do dislike shopping.

Grow some food

  • A couple of tiny leek have poked their heads up finally. I’d given up on them, having thought the seeds had drowned in the deluge the day after they were sown. We continue to have good rain and the garden is loving it. I haven’t needed to water for weeks, which is unheard of here in the Southern California.

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  1. I am tipping that this year will be one of the 21% years where the Super Bowl doesn’t the forecast right.

    Congratulations on getting out of debt, that must be a real relief. Combine that will getting fit and you should be on top of the world 🙂

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