Independence Days – First month of the year is done!

What a relaxing weekend I’ve had. After my decision to get off the computer yesterday, I’ve managed to get out and enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having. I rode up to the library yesterday and am now stocked up with some <light> reading for the month. I weeded the garden. I started and finished a new crocheted hat. I called my Mum and my sister on Skype (ok…that’s the computer). Brendan and I rode up the street for a coffee and a peruse through the local bookshop and then we had a stop and chat with our neighbour for an hour. Then we sat in the garden and watched the hummingbirds and butterflies. This is what life is all about!


  • I’m up to day 24 of my fitness training regime. I’m feeling stronger and leaner already, although I don’t know that the scales have registered much change yet. The best thing about it is the huge amounts of energy I seem to have. I’m almost bouncing off the walls in the evenings now instead of feeling like a sloth. I’ve heard it said that exercise gives you more energy, but I’ve never experienced this much improvement. I guess it’s working for me. Later this week I start Phase 2 of my program, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the next 30 days go.

Reducing Debt

  • Big news later this week! Eeekkk!

Stockpiling Food

  • I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was really craving bell peppers, but that they are now out of season and not available at the farmers market. Well guess what? Sometime last summer as I worked every night to put up the abundance of food from the garden, I oven roasted a half dozen peppers and put them in the freezer. It felt like Christmas the night I re-discovered them.
  • I haven’t added anything to our stockpile yet this year. Brendan buys some extras if there are specials on our regular items, but we are probably due for a bulk purchase shortly. I’m having trouble getting motivated to go shopping.

Grow some food

  • Did I mention I’m loving Collard Greens? Every night I snip off one leaf and it goes into whatever meal we are cooking. What a brilliantly simple way of getting fibre and nutrients galore into every meal. They are so easy to grow and are very productive. They’ll be grown in our garden again!

Collards (front), Fava Beans (rear) and Leek (right) – 25 Jan 2010

  • Our snow peas are also growing well. I think I saw some peas lurking in the growth which are ready for harvesting. I’ll go out later today to see how many I can find. Here are some photos of the peas progression over the last couple of months. I’m glad I take pictures because it’s easy to forget how the garden changes over time.

Snow pea seedlings – 15 Nov 09

Snow pea plants – 25 Jan 2010 (four plants got all messed up in the high winds, and now we just have a mess of snow peas)

  • We have one lone carrot growing. Of the entire pack of seeds this is the only one to germinate. It will be extra special when it comes time to eat it.

Spinach seedling (front) and singular carrot (rear) – 25 Jan 2010 (Note our drip irrigation)


  1. Good on you, sounds like you are doing great. I’ve got collards in the garden too (Georgia Southern) but not eaten them yet! I will cook some for R’s birthday, and hopefully we’ll have some ribs, corn and mash too!

    Can’t wait to hear the big news!

  2. Looks like you are prying yourself away from the PC. Blog reading certainly is addictive, but fine in moderation. Like all good things, I suppose!

    Your garden looks great and productive. I hope you have a bountiful winter harvest.


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