I’ve become addicted to the internet!

It has to stop! Since I’ve been back from the holidays I feel like I’ve been glued to the internet. Here’s what a typical day looks like:

6am – Check email then exercise

7am – Eat breakfast while reading blogs

8am – 4pm – Work on the computer all day with short break outside for lunch.

4pm – 6pm – Read more blogs or watch TV reruns on Netflix

6pm – 9pm – Dinner and watch a movie or documentary with Brendan (often on the computer)

9pm – 10pm – Read and then to bed

It’s horrendous! Last year I made such great strides towards a more simple life and so far this year I’ve fallen into this rut of being constantly on the computer. It’s become the default option when I find I have some time on my hands.

So today I’m changing that. I’m riding up to the library shortly to get some more books. I’ve run out, which seems to have become my excuse for ‘reading’ more in the internet. I’ve already cleaned out the bathroom cupboards and drawers this morning and later today I plan on putting a couple of first-aid kits together from all the goodies I found lurking in the back. Since it’s a beatiful sunny day I think I’ll also get out into the garden. It is in need of a good weeding after all the rain last week.

Does anyone else suffer from this affliction? If so, what has been your cure?

Photo By: Federico Morando


  1. Big time! I seem to be always on the laptop… yes, for blogging, reading blogs and Googling stuff, but also emails, researching, looking for recipes, finding local business information etc. I also have a tendency to do my lists on Excel, so have computer open for those sorts of things too! To me, the internet, is a way to keep me sane or motivated some days, to keep in touch when I am at home with the kids, to learn and expand my world… just feel some days I am on it too much! I guess, though, other days I am hardly on here…

    I try just shutting it down, or putting lid down, then 10 seconds later I remember I was supposed to be looking for a recipe, or finding out an opening time of a shop! I have also been through a stage where I would pack the laptop away at a certain time, or only get it out at a certain time or in the evening.

    Other ideas are to have an electronic sunset, one day a week without it, or put it on a timer, so you can only use it certain times of the day or evening… or set yourself certain time for ‘entertainment’ computer use, and make a list throughout the day of things you want to look up!

    I think the best way is to keep busy and have other exciting things to do! Good luck…

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