Independence Days – Loving the rain and howling wind

Photo By: The Yarn Chick @ Etsy

It’s a gloomy, rainy day and I’m loving it. Southern California gets so little rain, so when it does come I do a little rain dance and then stare out the window and watch my garden soak it all up. We usually drip irrigate the vegetables every couple of days because we are on water restrictions (not that you’d know it to look at the neighbours lawns). When we get even a little rain followed by a couple of days of lovely sun, the vegetables literally grow before our eyes.

It’s also been a great day to stay inside a get some projects done. I recently got a new crochet pattern from The Yarn Chick on Etsy so I’ve spent countless hours this weekend making hats for who knows who. I just love the act of crocheting, so I keep making hats. It’s kind of like meditation for me. Brendan is probably going to be sick of the growing pile of hats soon, so I might have to start shipping them out to anyone in a cold enough climate to make use of them.

We also spent a few hours this week cleaning out a few cabinets in the bathroom and living areas. We are on the countdown to moving back to Australia now, with 11 months to go. It’s amazing how much clutter we’ve accumulated, so we are working on gradually clearing it out in preparation for uplifting our life and moving overseas again.

Here’s my update for the week, based on my post about Independence, Self-Sufficiency and Lifestyle Planning.


  • My fitness regime is going really well. I’ve had no problems with motivation at all this week, so I hope that continues. I lift weights three days a week and then do intervals/light resistance training/yoga twice a week. I allow myself two rest days which I’ve been pretty flexible with. A couple of days this week I’ve just been too exhausted so I let those be my rest days. It’s worked well so far. I also walked Zoe the dog in the mornings and then rode to work and back for four days. I am already feeling the difference so I’m determined to make this a long-term change in my daily schedule.
  • Last week I wrote about preparing for an Earthquake because other than a house fire, it’s the most likely disaster to affect us where we live. Since then, Brendan and I have discussed our evacuation plans and prioritised what we would take out of the house in the event of emergency. We’ve come to the conclusion that we need to put together some dedicated emergency kits, so that will be the next thing we’ll be looking into.

Reducing Debt

Grow some food

  • This week I put in some more onion and leek seeds. We eat onion or leek in almost every meal, so it makes sense to keep growing it.

Reduce Energy Dependence

  • I rode to work four days this week, which I was happy with after my three near-misses last week. It’s already starting to get easier now that I’m back into it. My legs, heart and lungs are just that little bit stronger this week.

Plan to own some productive land

  • Sharon Astyk wrote a very interesting post this week about Reconsidering Cities. Once again it got me to thinking about whether the right decision for us is a few acres outside a small country town or a large house block in a medium-sized city. We go back and forth on this question so regularly that my head spins. I think I might dedicate a post to this soon, as I tend to think best when writing my thoughts down.

    One comment

    1. Looking forward to your post on “a few acres outside a small country town vs a large house block in a medium-sized city”. I used to be torn between the two also – but over time i’ve decided that its so much easier to live sustainably in a city/large town. You have the support of a larger community, public transport, greater walkability, less isolation and less need to get in your car to socialise.

      I also see considerable environmental degradation caused by ‘hobby farmers’ on acerages. Unfortunately, I often see people buy a block, degrade the valuable native vegation through their ‘improvements’ and then they realise its all too hard and sell-up. The area I work in (Hunter Valley) is full of ‘hobby farms’ and they are unfortunately one of the main threats to threatened species and native vegetation within the region.

      Will you be moving back to the Newcastle area when you return? I love how strong the green community here is. Your old home suburb now has 5 community gardens!

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