7.0 ways you can help Haiti

Image from: Winking Owl Studios

Today on Unstuffed’s blog, she links to The Urban Field Guide who lists 7.0 ways you can help Haiti.

We tried to use the texting method but for some reason it didn’t go through, so I went with option one instead…..shopping.

If you click on Etsy and enter Haiti, many of the shops are donating all of their sales to varying relief funds. I won’t say what I bought because it’s a gift and I know the recipient reads this blog. To my mind, this was the win-win option: This purchase helps the haitian relief effort, helped the Etsy seller become known to me (I’m likely to be a repeat customer) and helps the person for whom the gift is intended. I don’t shop often, but this type of shopping even I can enjoy.


  1. Yay! That was exactly my reasoning too. And I liked the idea of being able to tell the story behind the gift to my goddaughter and her family, hopefully continuing the cycle of giving.

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