There is something magical about old cities

Photo By: Prof-B

I’d forgotten how much I love old cities. And when I mean old cities, I usually mean European cities, however, given that I’m currently in Montreal, Canada, I can’t be quite so specific. What I mean by old cities is those which retain their core from over one hundred years ago….before the age of the automobile. I love the winding, cobble stoned streets; the people friendly pedestrian nature of lanes where the car is the reluctantly invited guest; the walkable urban environment where living and eating and commerce are all intermingled as part of a community.

We lost something when the new cities were abandoned for the suburbs.

It’s nice to back in a city where you can walk at night and feel safe, where you can hear at least four different languages in ten paces and where you can imagine not so long ago, people living much more sustainble lifestyles.

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