The French Cafe was replaced by Starbucks

Photo by: Daniel Raphael Cooper

I’m in Montreal for the week and this evening I went out for an evening stroll in search of my favourite French Cafe I discovered during my first visit to Montreal in 2004. I had been anticipating the visit all day….. looking forward to a steaming hot mug of Chai Latte and some sort of delicious, flaky pastry that you just can’t find in the USA. You can imagine my disappointment as I rounded the corner to discover that this quaint, cosy cafe has at some time in the last five years, been replaced by the ubiquitous Starbucks. But it seems the Starbucks is in good company. It’s just down the street from a huge Crocs store and a California Pizza Kitchen. This is not the Montreal I remember. *sigh*

On the plus side, I’ve survived peak hour traffic twice today……Just! I think I’ve already mentioned how thankful I am that I don’t have to commute. Doing it in French is all the more….um….interesting.

I did find a delicious crepe for dinner and as I sit here typing this in the hotel lobby I’m enjoying the antics of a 3 month old Vizla puppy. I’m clucky for puppies. They always make me smile.

And now I have a choice to make. Back to my room to get some much needed sleep, or a leisurely glass or two of wine? Hmmm….



  1. bad enough when they are gone, but when they get replaced with a chain…painful. What i really love about Paris is that people still sit and take the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, none of this to-go, harried business. what a downer!

  2. Oh yes! Oy Vey! The terrible huge chain coffee shop! What horrible people these Starbucks guys are providing a service that millions actually want! Boooooooooo. As yummy as the previous cafe was, it must not have been doing well or why else would there be a Starbucks? Lease issue? I love Starbucks but I also love this little café in Marseille next door to Frederic’s parent’s house or the little coffee stand here on base. I give them all my business. The thing is that I don’t think the masses really want the little cafes. Is that Starbucks’ fault? Everyone loves to complain about the Starbucks opening down the street from them, I’m glad to see them come! They are always being made out to be the bad guys. Are they really? Or is it simply supply and demand?

    Also, not everyone in the States has the time to sit and enjoy ANYTHING Kel! We are too busy running around trying to figure out what country has oil and how to take it!:-)
    One of things I enjoy when I’m in France is just that. Sitting around the cafes watching the world go by. Love it!

  3. Ok George….I get that you are trying to be controversial. 🙂 I have nothing personally against Starbucks, but it is truly a VERY BIG shame when we lose our local stores. They add local flavour and keep the money we spend there in the local community (and not offshore or in some mega rich executives pockets). I see I’m about due to do a post on corporations!

    About the USA and it’s frenzied lifestyle….. I’ve lived there now for two years now, so I feel I can comment. The hurry does not appear to be good for anyone. It’s making you stressed and sick. A little bit of slowing down might be a good thing. I guess I need to do a post on that too. Thanks to George for the ideas 🙂

    P.S. George. The LV store is over the road from my hotel. Meh! 😉

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