Independence Days ~ a creative week for me

This week has been full of creative activities. I finally finished my sister’s Wedding Book and I’m pretty happy with how is turned out. I also learned to crochet and am excited to try some new projects in the future.

Brendan spent yesterday volunteering at Mission Trails Regional Park, which is frequented by climbers and hikers. He was helping with some trail maintenance and constructing a rock wall. He’s complaining of a sore muscles after lifting too many heavy rocks all morning, but he’s happy to have gotten out and helped preserve the local area.

Fava Bean seedling

I’ve spent a bit of time in the garden. The three fava beans I planted a couple of weeks ago are going strong. They are so quick to grow which is why I love growing beans. I got these seeds from Seeds @ City Urban Farm so I have no idea what they’ll look like when fully grown.

Cherry Grape Tomatoes

I pulled out the last of the tomatoes. I’ll be sad to see them go for the year, but we have a freezer full of tomatoes that I stored at the height of summer. Plenty of tasty tomato-based soups in our future I think.

Pea seedlings

Our snow peas are growing well in a sunny part of our garden (above). I planted some in early September in the shade (below) and I wasn’t sure how they would go. They seem to be growing well enough and have put out flowers and fruit, despite no direct sunlight. I guess we’ll have to compare them to the peas in the sun when they are grown.

Pea flower

Here’s my weekly update:

Plant something:

  • I planted the garlic cloves given to us by a friend. We love our garlic, so I can’t wait for the harvest.

Harvest something:

  • More Cayenne Peppers and Jalapenos. I thought the plants were done for the year so I chopped them right back. Since then, they’ve started growing again and have been putting out flowers and more fruit! Gotta love a extended growing season here in Southern California.
  • Leek
  • Oranges
  • Tomatoes. They’re finally done.

Preserve something:

  • Drying the hot peppers

Waste not:

  • Used some unwanted, second hand yarn to crochet a gift for a friend. I’m no longer buying new gifts unless they’ve been handmade.
  • The neighbors were raking leaves and putting them in trash bags. I offered to take the leaves for my compost. They were happy to oblige.

Want not:

  • Can’t think of anything

Preparation and storage:

  • Working on a skills list
  • Learnt how to crochet

Build community food systems:

  • Starting to share seeds and produce with some local friends.

Eat the food:

  • We bought some organic cheese from the farmers market (Pesto Jack). I’ve been eating it all week with the last of our grape tomatoes, either on crackers or Brendan’s fresh made damper.
  • Brendan made crepes for breakfast this morning. He used some new whole-wheat, unbleached flour which made for delicious wholesomeness. Drizzled with fresh squeezed orange juice and sprinkled with a little sugar. Mmmmmm

Staying healthy:

  • Walking Zoe each morning and riding to and from work each day, despite it getting dark so early now.

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