My first Crochet Project ~ Newborn Teeny Beanie

Crochet Newborn Baby Cap

I’m excited! This week I managed to learn a new skill and then actually produced something that resembles what it was supposed to look like.

Last Sunday I spent an hour with a friend who showed me the basics of crochet and then during the week I watched a bunch of instructional videos. I love how crochet seems to produce such a neat result (when compared to my knitting) and that when I drop a stitch it’s easy to pick it back up. I’m hooked (pardon the pun).

My first project used this Teeny Beanie Crochet Pattern and some yarn I collected from a friend and the thrift store. It’s going to be a gift for one of my friends who is due in a couple of months. I hope she’s not reading, because that will spoil the surprise!


  1. Its absolutely gorgeous! Learning how to crochet is something I have wanted to do for ages (or shoukd I say re-learn, as i used to crochet lots when I was 10 or 12. I relly don’t enjoy knitting as like you, mine just looks messy and i give up easily. I imagine crochet would be a little more forgivig.

  2. super cute. 🙂

    i was crocheting rosettes (pattern 40399-B2 on lion brand yarn’s website) this afternoon. they’re a fun way to use the yarn you end up with after a project.

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