Where in the World? New Hampshire, USA


I’m rather behind in my travel updates from recent times so I thought I had better include some photos from a recent trip to New England during the Fall. It’s a beautiful region, made even more stunning by the Fall foliage.


While there were plenty of tourists travelling the most popular routes through the White Mountains, it wasn’t too difficult to get off the main roads and find some tranquility.

5287We were lucky one morning to get up early and have some fantastic light for photos of some gorgeous old covered bridges. I just love slices of history and these beautiful, functional structures just take me back to a time when life was simpler. It seems we’ve lost a lot in the pursuit of efficiency and growth.


So many historical sites have been preserved throughout the region and we quite happily wandered through small towns steeped with relics of the past. We stumbled across the Littleton Grist Mill which has been lovingly restored by the current owners. It was originally opened for business in 1798 and Brendan and I spent a couple of hours marvelling at the ingenuity of the mill design. 5335

As we departed Littleton we took a wrong turn and found ourselves in an old cemetery on the edge of town. Dark storm clouds loomed in the distance, making for some great photographic oportunities.


Brendan and I fell in love with the region: the rolling green hills, the multi-hued trees, the small thriving towns. We had a look in the windows of some Real Estate agents and were surprised how affordable prices were compared to what we are used to in Australia. We can only hope that Australian property prices come back down to some reasonable level in the future. It would be lovely to be able to afford a place in a small town when we move back to Oz.


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  1. Hi was just reading comments about the unaffordable housing prices in Australia. Its obviously affordable for a lot of people because prices in Australia are still soaring especially in Melbourne where i live. Prices went up 17percent apparently in the last quarter alone. The medium house prices in Melbourne are about $575,000 or so and according to some news paper report could go to a million dollars in as little as 5 years. I give up i will never be able to afford a house now. Can any body tell me if putting some money into super is a wise thing to invest in instead so at least i have some money in retirement to pay rent. My rent also just went up 10% this year and 6% last year. I only wish my income could go up that much each year.

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