Would you like some plastic with your produce?

2130466756_75bf1255fbPhoto by: Brian Auer

Scene. Early yesterday morning, I grabbed my green bags and Zoe dog and walked up to the store to get some milk and other items not available at the farmers market. What follows is the dialogue I exchanged with an Albertson’s employee while collecting mushrooms in my reusable produce bag.

Employee: Have you found everything you are looking for today?

Me: Well, there aren’t any white mushrooms left, but that’s OK, I’ll try these brown ones.

Employee: There are white mushrooms here (points to a Styrofoam container wrapped in plastic)

Me: No…that’s Ok. I try not to buy produce in packaging (I indicate my reusable produce bag)

Employee: (Rips open the plastic, and offers to tip them into my bag) Here you go then.

Me: Um……no. But thanks anyway.

Need I say more?


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