Get out into nature


Photo by: Mara ~ earth light

Last weekend Brendan, Zoe dog and I went for a hike out at Mt Laguna. We used to go hiking all the time, but life has been so busy lately and the last time we went hiking locally was in June. That’s over four months ago! In that time we have been out into nature, but that’s been mostly a quick walk in a National Park as we passed through. I didn’t realise until last weekend how much I was missing it.

As we sat on a log that was once a giant tree, overlooking a grassy meadow on a bright, sunny Autumn morning, I got to thinking. If everyone made the effort to spend more time in nature, maybe people would feel more empathy with their environment. Getting out in nature connects us to our planet and its inhabitants in a way that reading blogs or watching TV cannot do. Stepping out of that everyday rut of work, TV watching, eating and shopping gives us a sense of belonging to something much larger than ourselves. I imagine that it’s much easier to dismiss environmental concerns when you don’t spend any time experiencing and enjoying the outdoors.

Have to ever been to a place where there is no light pollution and you can lie on your back and stare up at the Milky Way and ponder the sheer magnitude of the universe? I have… in the middle of Australia, not far from Ulura.  A magical, sacred place which leaves goosebumps on your skin.

Have you ever fallen asleep to the sound of humpback whale song? I have… in the hull of a tall ship. Whale mothers singing to their new calves in the dark depths.

Have you ever climbed a mountain just so you can sit at the top while the sun drops below the horizon? I have… up the 3,750 “steps of penitence”at Mt Sinai where according to Bedouin tradition, God gave laws to the Israelites. The sun a giant, red disk dipping behind black mountains.

Anyone who has the opportunity to experience the natural wonder that our world delivers in abundance cannot help but care about what’s happening to our planet. So if I have one suggestion to anyone, it’s this: Get out into nature.

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