Independence Days: Enjoying the Fall Colours edition


Photo by: Christopher Chan

We had only been back home from Australia for four full days when we had to fly out to the East Coast for another week away. I have a meeting in Atlantic City during the week and since we were going to be on the East Coast anyway, we decided to take a road trip to New England to see the fall colours.

This trip has been extremely high on my priority list since we moved to the USA. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, but in Australia we never really get to fully experience the changing of seasons like we can in North America. Brendan and I both love mountains, both love autumn and I love photography. I’m hoping I can do some justice to the beauty of New Hampshire and Vermont.

Despite only having four days at home between trips, Brendan and I managed to clear out the majority of the spring vegetable garden. I must say, the birds, bees and butterflies were enjoying the broccoli which had gone to seed during our absence. We cleared out 80% of the garden ready for planting the fall garden when we return from this trip. All the trimmings went into compost which should be reading for next years spring garden. We spread the finished compost over the cleared area, watered it in and then spread straw over the top. The Earthworms will love it.

Planted: The beet seedlings were transferred into the ground. They didn’t seem to get attacked by grubs last time, so I hope they survive our absence.

Harvested: The last of the Cayenne Peppers, Jalapenos and Broccoli. Another couple of buckets of basil. 

Preserved: Basil as pesto.

Waste Not: Filled two compost bins with spring garden waste. Used the laundry grey water to try and revive the dying lawn on the front strip.

Eat the Food: Because we are going away again, we’ve been eating up whatever was harvested from the garden (mostly broccoli).

Build Community Food Systems: Green Waste collection has recommenced in my workplace.

Get prepared. At work this week, we were discussing preparedness. Everyone has agreed we should have three days worth of food and water in the office in case of emergency (i.e. Earthquake). I think it’s a brilliant idea and when I get back, I’ll help everyone start planning a preparedness kit for the office.

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