Backyard Revolution


Photo by: Bill Barber

Today, I’m flying back to Australia for a three week visit. After living in the USA for nearly two years, I’m very much looking forward to getting home. I’m also a little nervous about what I’m going to think of my home country from an outsider’s view. I’ve changed so much in the last couple of years and I often wonder if I actually remember Australia honestly, or whether I see it through rose coloured glasses.

So, while I’m flying across the Pacific Ocean and travelling for 24 hours straight, I thought I’d simply share a link I recently discovered. It’s a segment on Australian 60 minutes called Backyard Revolution. It encourages me to see that many Australians are getting behind this very important movement and it gives me hope that I can fit back in when we eventually do call Australia home once again.

There’s a revolution coming. It’s a fightback against the fast-food, pre-packaged, snap-frozen pace of modern life, and it’s happening in our own backyards.

Liz Hayes


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