Caterpillars…the latest invasion of grubs

After being out of town for two weeks, the caterpillars decided to have a party all over my broccoli plants. I usually am happy to share, but there were so many I had to do some selective culling. These sacrificial ‘pillars were left for the birds. The next day, all the birds must have found out about the feast because they came into the yard and cleaned up the broccoli plants for me. If they keep this up, I won’t have to get my hands dirty collecting caterpillars.


I got the fright of my life after coming across the biggest caterpillar in the world on one of my cayenne pepper plants. I don’t know what this guy has been taking but he’s a monster compared to all the other caterpillars in the garden. I initially decided to leave him be so we could watch the metamorphose, but after some research I discovered he is a Tobacco Hornworm and could demolish whole plants overnight. I didn’t have the heart to kill him so I had Brendan come out to try and relocate him. We tried our hardest to pry him off with kitchen tongs, but there was no hope of getting him off that plant. Eventually I cut the whole branch and ‘relocated’ him elsewhere. (Hope my neighbours don’t read this 🙂 If we had left him, he would have become a Hummingbird Moth.

Tobacco Hornworm

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