Independence Days….back from my work trip


Photo by: Guille

I’ve been away for work for two weeks and came back to a garden in full swing. It’s our first ever vege garden, so I wasn’t expecting much when we started planting earlier this year. Surprisingly it’s been really productive. I guess the plants love that California sunshine. I’m even more surprised that I haven’t killed anything. I’ve never really got into the traditional lawn and flower gardening and usually managed to kill everything through neglect. Not so with the veges….they’ve been a labour of love since the start. I’m completely surprised how much I enjoy it. Ok…since I was away for a few weeks, it’s been a busy weekend.

Planted: Nil

Harvested: Tomatoes by the bucket-load. Crabapples by the bucket-load. A handful of Squash. 35 Jalapenos. A head of Broccoli. Basil. Oranges.

Preserved: Tomatoes were made into spaghetti sauce. Half the Crabapples became Crabapple Liqueur and the rest were blanched and frozen. Hung the Jalapenos up to dry. Made Pesto from the Basil and froze it.

Waste Not: I cut back some of the squash and tomato plants and added them to the compost with the kitchen scraps. The first compost bin must be almost ready to use, so I’d like to get the second one full before I leave for three weeks in September.

Want Not: Before I left on my work trip we had been collecting a few items which had been left for trash. Brendan has been collecting old radios and electronics and is inventing something in the shed. I don’t see him anymore! Yesterday he unveiled a new Antenna for the TV which he’d made from some discarded timber, coat-hangers and various other items. It even worked! (Not that I had any doubts).  He’s extremely creative and manages to turn all sorts of junk into useful items. A few old pots left for trash outside the Marriott Hotel was all I managed to scavenge. They’ll be useful when I start seeds again later this year.

Learn a New Skill: I’m still working on learning skills regarding preserving foods. It makes sense given the abundance we have at the moment.

Work on Community Food Systems: Nothing new. Green Waste collection at work was on hold while I was away, but one friend still dropped theirs over. Brendan gave some of our garden bounty away to some friends who had him over for dinner while I was away.

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