How we made our own Compost Bins for Free!

Free Compost Bins

Earlier this year, we started making a concerted effort to reduce waste. We’ve been recycling what we can for as long as I can remember, but there still seemed to be a bag of garbage going to landfill every week. After taking notice of what our trash consisted of, it became apparent that a large portion of it was green waste. We thought Zoe (our German Shepherd) was eating most of our food scraps, but in reality, she couldn’t eat banana or orange peels or any type of onion. All this was pure waste and clogging up landfill. We decided to rectify the problem with a compost system.

Given that we had just decided to start an organic vegetable plot, composting seemed like a natural addition to the garden. Compost is wonderful soil builder, and without it the soil would quickly become leached of nutrients.

When we started looking for compost bins, we soon came to the conclusion that they were very expensive piles of plastic. We are trying to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ we buy, so a recycled compost bin became a must. Thankfully we didn’t have to look far. I soon found a couple of friends who had some old bins which had seen better days. The bottom was falling out of them, which proved to be ideal for our needs.

Within 15 minutes, Brendan had turned someone else’s trash into our treasure.

Materials Needed:

  • Large trash can with lid
  • Cutting instrument (strong pair of scissors or saw)
  • Drill with large drill bit
  • Shovel


  1. Cut the bottom from the bin.
  2. Using the drill, make holes along the sides of the trash can.
  3. Prepare the ground where you want the compost bin, and dig a slight depression so that the bin sits down below ground level.
  4. Lay some straw or dry leaves in the bottom of the bin.
  5. Your ready to get started building your compost pile!

So simple that even I could have done it….(but Brendan does it so much better).

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