Where in the World? Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, USA

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

After we left South Dakota, we headed out early to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. It is on the list of Hillman’s Wonders of the USA, but all the photos I’d seen made me wonder whether it was worth visiting.

I’m glad we did. It was actually quite spectacular in person. Kind of like Uluru…it has a magic that photos just don’t capture. We were extremely lucky to get some fantastic conditions for the photo above. I have not enhanced it, that is just how it looked on the day. Montana is actually ‘Big Sky’ State, but I think Wyoming must go close. The sky was just amazing.

Can you spot the climber?Can you spot the climber in the photo to the right? To help out, I’ve added an arrow. It really puts the size of the Tower into perspective when you see a human on the side.

Crow Legend

Once when some Crows were camped at Bears House (indigenous name for Devil’s Tower), two little girls were playing around some big rocks there. There were lots of bears living around that big rock and one big bear seeing the girls alone was going to eat them. The big bear was just about to catch the girls when they saw him. The girls were scared and the only place they could get was on top of one of the rocks around which they had been playing.

The girls climbed the rock but still the bear could catch them. The Great Spirit, seeing the bear was about to catch the girls, caused the rock to grow up out of the ground. The bear kept trying to jump to the top of the rock, but he just scratched the rock and fell down on the ground. The claw marks are on the rock now. The rock kept growing until it was so high that the bear could not get the girls. The two girls are still on top of the rock.

This legend was told to Dick Stone by Rides the White Hip Horse. Interpreter: Goes to Magpie.

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