This is the world we live in

I thought this short video was rather appropriate after spending a day yesterday living on the equivalent of UN World Food Fund daily rations. To be honest I didn’t find myself too hungry throughout the day, but the worst part was the cravings. I wanted sweet stuff and I desperately wanted coffee. Brendan cooking and eating some delicious smelling dinner in front of me did not help much either. Surprisingly, in the end, I couldn’t even eat all the rice. It almost became a chore. Perhaps if I tried to live on these rations for longer I would get hungry enough to get more of an appetite for it. Anyway, it was an interesting experiment for the day.

Strangely enough I felt really great this morning. I think my food intolerance’s are still at work and a day of eating bland food obviously agrees with me. I might even start doing this every so often just to give my body a break.

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