Chris Martenson rocks!

A couple of weekends ago, Brendan and I attended a seminar in Denver, Colorado which was held by Chris Martenson and his wife Becca. I’ve been devouring everything I can from Chris’ website since I first discovered it in February 09. I think his Crash Course is essential viewing and I encourage everyone to watch it and learn about some of the biggest challenges facing us in the coming decades:

  • Economic woes
  • Energy crises
  • Environmental devastation

These (the three E’s) are really important topics and until I saw the Crash Course for the first time, I had no idea how different the next 20 years will be from the last 20 years.

Chris_Headshot_72dpiChris is a former Vice President of an international Fortune 300 company and used to be living in a large waterfront house until he came to the same realisation that I have recently, that something isn’t quite right with society. About 5 years ago, Chris terminated his former high-paying, high-status position. His children are now homeschooled, and the big house was sold in July of 2003 in preference for a small rental in rural western Massachusetts. The family grows a garden every year; preserve food, know how to brew beer & wine, and raise chickens. Chris and Becca are making sure their family and community are becoming more self-sufficient and are sharing much of their wisdom with the online community on his website.

I am so thankful that I discovered Chris. He has changed the way I see things and I feel so much better educated about what our future might look like.

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